Aims and Organization

Albanian Society of Clinical Biochemists was founded on 1992. It was reorganized and legally registered in April 2003 under the name “Albanian Society of Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine” (ASoLaM).

The aim of ASoLaM is to gather all Laboratory Medicine Professionists (specialist in Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology) in order to promote, develop and update laboratory medicine in Albania.

ASoLaM tasks are: to encourage initiatives about the improvement of medical laboratory system; to provide education for laboratory specialist; to establish standards in the filed of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine helping the appropriate federal institutions; to encourage and support initiatives for the ethic-professional formation; to encourage scientific researches; to establish protocols and to distribute unique standards in the fields of its operation; to encourage cultural and scientific collaboration between different medical laboratories in Albania and abroad; to organize scientific meetings in district, national and international level.