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 ASOLAM - Albanian Society of Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine - Shoqata Biokimise Klinike dhe Mjeksise Laboratorike Shqiptare

IFCC-Worldlab Fortaleza 2008

IFCC-Worldlab Fortaleza 2008
20th International Congress of the Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

28 September - 2 October 2008
Ceara's Convention Center
Fortaleza - Brazil

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As President of the IFCC, together with the Executive Board, I am delighted that the International Congress of the IFCC will be held in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2008.

Our Executive Board is multi-national and all Members of the Executive Board are elected.

Prof. Jocelyn M B HICKS
Washington (USA)

Vice- President
Prof. Vladimir PALICKA
Hradec Kralové  (Czech Republic )

Past President
Prof. Mathias M. MÜLLER
Vienna (Austria)

Oulu (Finland)

Dr. Ghassan SHANNAN
Damascus (SYRIA)

Corporate Representative
Dr. Norbert MADRY
Marburg (Germany)

Mr. Joseph B. LOPEZ
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Prof. Daniel MAZZIOTTA
La Plata (Argentina)

Dr. Michael THOMAS
London (United Kingdom)


In 1952, Prof. E. J. King of the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London organized an international body of emerging national societies in clinical chemistry under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). The body was named the International Association of Clinical Chemistry.  In 1955 in Brussels, the name was changed to the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry. The name was changed in 1997 to International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine to recognize the scope of the interests of its members. For brevity's sake, the organization is still known as IFCC. The IFCC is composed of 76 Member Societies that span the globe.

Our mission is to be the leading organization in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine worldwide.
Through leadership and innovation in science and education we will strive to enhance the scientific level and the quality of diagnosis and therapy for patients throughout the world. We will build on the professionalism of our members to provide quality services to patients. We will aim to communicate effectively with our members, other healthcare providers and the public to ensure knowledge of our excellent scientific and educational achievements. We will focus always on scientific standards, publications, education and communications. We will communicate effectively through a variety of electronic media. We will hold outstanding congresses and conferences to bring the efforts of IFCC to the global community.

The goal of the IFCC is to continue with its strong scientific endeavors, and to: (a)  integrate all of our projects better from science to education to communication and presentation at meetings; (b) enhance IFCC's image worldwide; and, (c) enhance all of our educational activities, particularly in analytical quality in developing nations.
The IFCC has four major Divisions:  Scientific; Communication and Publications; Education and Management; and Congresses and Conferences.  All of these Divisions are inter-linked in their activities, that are carried out by committees and working groups.
organigramma IFCC
The Congress and Conference Division (CCD), chaired currently by Dr. Albert Fraser (CA)), provides general administration and management of all of IFCC's meetings. It reviews applications from non-IFCC meetings for endorsement by the IFCC. The CCD promotes the activities of the Scientific (SD) and Education and Management  (EMD) Divisions. It also formulates and updates guidelines for all IFCC meetings, and works closely with Emmezeta Congressi of Milano, which provides the hands-on management of all IFCC meetings.

The Communication and Publication Division (CPD), chaired currently by Dr. Ellis Jacobs (USA)), communicates the IFCC's activities to its Members, laboratory physicians and scientists, and healthcare providers worldwide. It oversees the publication of the efforts of the SD and EMD.
The Education and Management Division (EMD), chaired currently by Ms. Janet Smith (UK)), provides the Members and the health care community with educational materials relevant to clinical chemists and other laboratory medicine practicioners. Many of these emanate from the work of the Scientific Division (SD). This Division also focuses on clinical molecular biology curricula, quality, evidence-based medicine, education and curricula development, and distance learning in conjunction with the CPD. EMD currently deals with two special projects: a course in flow cytometry, and the Visiting Lecturer Program. The latter is particularly valuable in bringing modern technology and tests to developing countries.
The Scientific Division (SD), currently chaired by Prof. Mauro Panteghini, (IT) is the "heart" of the IFCC, in that it drives in many ways a large number of the activities of the IFCC. It advances the science of clinical chemistry by developing traceable standards and reference materials. It facilitates the developments and transfer of technical innovation to clinical laboratory professionals and clinicians.
It ensures the quality of the scientific publications and other documents. The SD has many focused committees and working groups to carry out its work. For detailed information, please refer to our web site,

We hope that you will all enjoy our Congress in Forteleza. We thank particularly Drs. Willie Jung and Ulisses Tuma of Brazil and the Scientific Organizing Chair, Dr. Paolo Mocarelli of Italy, and MZ Congressi  for their tireless work in developing this exciting International Congress for your enjoyment
I know that you will find the scientific program excellent and you will enjoy the exciting social program as well as meeting colleagues, old and new.

My very best wishes, and we look forward to welcoming you in Fortaleza.

Jocelyn M.B. Hicks
President of IFCC